Sony 3D Full Hd Blu-Ray H/T System

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The Sony BDV-E6100 home theatre system combines Blu-ray player functionality (including 3D) with modern technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Enjoy movies and music with rich surround sound, play tunes from your smartphone with a single touch, and give your living room a stylish and refined look. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

1. Roaring cinematic sound - Sit back and enjoy the new experience brought to you by the powerful 5.1ch Magnetic Fluid speaker system with rich surround sound. These slim speakers with an impressive 1000 W power output ensure clear undistorted Hi-Fi audio - from the earth-shaking explosions to the quietest whispers.

2. Sharp look and perfect style - The latest range of Sony home cinema systems features the exclusive Sense of Quartz design. This style is inspired by the cut-glass edges and gleaming facets of rock crystal. Each element brings a sense of refined, understated style to your living space.

3. Four times more detail than in Full HD - Enjoy superior, uncompressed digital video and audio quality of your movies in 1080p. The player upscales standard DVD resolution to almost Full HD. Thanks to the audio return channel (ARC), you only need one HDMI cable for two-way TV communication. It can send video/audio and receive audio signal from your integrated TV tuner.

4. One-touch listening - Share music from your NFC and Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet with a touch on your home cinema system. Or stream music from a PC, iPhone, iPad or iPod via Bluetooth. Whatever you play, Digital Music Enhancer cleans up the sound for you.

5. Seamless external storage connection - You can use external storage solutions to further expand your sources of entertainment. The system has a front USB port that allows you to quickly connect external hard drives and flash drives with USB interface.