Sony Car Cd Player CDX-G1200U

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Enjoy powerful sound on the road. Extra bass enhances the beats in your music, while the 4 x 55 W amplification gives you all the volume you need. Stream music from your phone easily and customize the sound with the 10-band graphic equalizer. This versatile Sony will play your favorite CDs, including discs with MP3, WMA and WAV files. The handy front-panel USB input handles your Android phone and your thumb drives, while it charges your mobile devices. The front-panel aux input will take care of any other devices and you can tune in your favorite AM/FM stations to catch up on the news or listen to the ball game. AOA 2.0 lets you play music from your smartphone apps: The USB terminal is compatible with Android Open Accessory 2.0. This means it can play any music that's compatible with your Android smartphone and its apps. Simply plug into the front USB port and use your phone's screen to browse playlists.