Maker Mask Cask Strength Bourbon 700ml

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The Cask Strength expression retains the signature front-of-the-palate flavours of Maker’s Mark, but adds a little extra power and flavour. As water evaporates from the barrels as the whisky ‘slumbers’, the proof increases. But thanks to the Kentucky climate, summer temperatures can fluctuate wildly, meaning the amount of whisky that gets evaporated, or the ‘angel’s share’ also differs. As a result, the proof of each barrel is different.This bourbon is one for the true connoisseurs; unaltered, uncut and unparalleled
Colour: Bright, deep amber.
Nose: Big oak, vanilla and smoky charcoal.
Taste: Richer more robust flavours of spice, vanilla and smoke.

Finish: Longer finish on front of tongue with no roughness or bitterness